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   2015 Accent Features List:
Legend:    S - standard    O - optional    -- not available
Engine type

Inline 4-cylinder GDI
Gamma 1.6 Engine Family
Cam design DOHC - Dual CVVT
Orientation Transverse-mounted
Block/head composition Aluminum Block and Head
Displacement 1.6L
Induction System Variable
Horsepower @ RPM 137 @ 6,300
Torque (ft-lbs) @ RPM 123 @ 4,850
Compression ratio 11.0:1
Bore & Stroke (mm) 77.0 x 85.44
Valvetrain 16 valve
Timing chain Bush roller type
Emissions system Ultra Low Emissions Vehicle (ULEV2)
Exhaust Single
Recommended fuel 87 Octane Unleaded
Engine cover S
Hood insulator S
Ignition system type Electronic Distributorless - stick coil
Starter rating 12V 0.9kw
Alternator rating 13.5V 90A
Alternator Management System S
Battery rating 36 amp hours (5HR)
Transmission and Drive System 4-Door GLS 5-Door GS/Sport
Drive configuration FWD
Transmission type
   6-speed manual S S
   B&M Racing sport shifter -- O on Sport
   6-speed auto w/ OD lock-up torque
   converter, gate-type, SHIFTRONIC, Hillstart
   Assist Control

   Ignition Key Interlock System (6AT)

Gear ratios (:1)
   1st 3.615 / 4.400
   2nd 1.955/ 2.726
   3rd 1.286 / 1.834
   4th 1.036 / 1.392
   5th 0.8393 / 1.000
   6th 0.703 / 0.774
   Reverse 3.700 / 3.440
Drive axle ratio 3.833 / 2.937
Brakes 4-Door GLS 5-Door GS/Sport
General Dual-diagonal, split circuit, power-assisted braking system with pressure valve
Front 10.1" ventilated disc, 1-port brake pad wear warning device
  — Type: Drum
  — Type: Disc


S - GS
S - Sport
ABS with Electronic Brake-Force Distribution (EBD)
4 wheels/4 channels
Vacuum Booster
  Diameter (inches)
  Boosting Ratio

9" single
Master Cylinder
  Diameter (mm)

Fixed Seal Type
Type Rack & pinion
Motor Driven Power Steering (MDPS) S
Overall ratio 14.9
Turns (lock to lock) 2.9
Turning Diameter (curb to curb, in feet) 34.12
Sport-tuned steering Sport only
Front MacPherson strut with coil springs
   Stabilizer bar (23 mm) S
   Gas shock absorber (twin-tube) S
Rear Torsion Axle with coil springs
   Monotube shock absorber S
Type Unibody
Materials - Primary
High Tensile Steel

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